<databaseInfo> contains full text information about the database.

    <title>Explain-- Database</title>
        A prototype implementation of an IR-Explain---1 database,
        searching records created by IndexData's ZSpy application.
    <author>Rob Sanderson and Index Data</author>
    <contact>Rob Sanderson (</contact>
        Not all databases on this server are described.  Not all databases
        are fully described.
        The records describing other servers were created with Index Data's
        ZSpy application.  This prototype is an implementation from 
        discusions on the mailing list.
    <langUsage codes="en"> 
        All texts within the records are in English.
        This database is free to use, copy, harvest etc.
        The database should always be available.
        <subject>Internet Protocols -- Z39.50</subject>