ZeeRex: The Explainable ``Explain'' Service

26th February 2004

What is ZeeRex?

ZeeRex is yet another attempt to define an ``Explain''-like mechanism, after Explain Classic failed to catch on due to excessive complexity, and Explain Lite turned out to be too tightly focussed on the specific needs of the ONE-2 project to serve as a general solution.

ZeeRex is pronounced to rhyme with T. rex, and stands for Z39.50 Explain, Explained and Re-Engineered in XML. It was previously known by the working name of ``Explain--'', and the older name still appears in places on this site: in particular, older versions of the DTD are called Explain-- DTDs.

What's What?

Lots of additional background, including rationales for any mysterious decisions, can be found on the ZeeRex mailing list archive

Who's Responsible?

Our thanks go to everyone who's contributed to the discussions that resulted in this current specification, both on the main ZIG list and on the dedicated Explain list. Particularly:

Comments on any aspect of the ZeeRex specification are welcome: please send them to the mailing list at <ex-plain@indexdata.dk>

Feedback to <mike@indexdata.com> is welcome!